Recently returned to work or taken time out for caring? The Government Equalities Office want to hear from you

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Have you recently returned to work or taken time out for caring? 

The Government Equalities Offices are seeking to find out what barriers exist when returning to work after time away.

They would also like to know about the experiences of people who want to return to work, employers’ experiences of recruiting these people and other evidence on the barriers that they face and the support available to them.

This call for evidence is from:

  • Those who have returned to work after time out caring for children or family
  • Those currently caring for children or family who would like to return to work
  • Employers
  • Organisations or individuals with knowledge of returners

Please follow the link below to complete our online survey and access further background to this call for evidence. This background also includes a form for you to complete if you are happy to participate in this call for evidence.


You can also email your response or write to the Government Equalities Office at the address below:

Government Equalities Office,

Department for Education,

6th Floor, Sanctuary Buildings,

Great Smith Street,




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