Recommended Podcast: How HR Leaders Change the World

How HR Leaders Change the World podcastExplore how the work of HR Leaders is creating positive social change, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals – goals which the world’s companies are increasingly understanding the urgency of achieving, and investing in the action required.

If you’d like clear, actionable ideas for how you can use the power of your role to effect change in your company, you’re in the right place. I’m the founder of social enterprise From Babies with Love, we provide services to HR Leaders, and through this work I realised that HR professionals and social entrepreneurs are working in the same areas, albeit in different ways. So we created this podcast to share knowledge, on steps we can take through the work of HR. In my opinion, if you’re an HR professional, you are also a change maker. And this podcast will provide you with examples of how. By sharing the successes of some of the world’s most inspiring HR Leaders, you can frame your work in the context of positive change, implement brilliant ideas, and feel absolutely wonderful about doing so!

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