Recommended Read | C-Tunes: How to keep up with conduct in the post-crisis world

Why would anyone want to read a book on conduct?

The financial crisis of 2008 world has left trust at an all-time low. Firms have undergone constant battering and as morale takes a hit, no one wants to hear more about correcting behaviour.Vinita Ramtri

In rushed efforts to put things right and burning desires never to err again, are we guilty of tuning people out? Is it possible to be right all the time or are we tipping from one extreme to the other?

We believe in good conduct – but is our belief strong enough that we care to fix it the right way? Or having inherited shame, we choose to pass on dystopia?

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Reader Reviews

5* – Having limited insight of the mechanisms of the financial world, I was pleasantly surprised to find the book as engrossing as I did. It draws parallels and analogies from everyday instances n current events, which bring about a certain connectivity to the book while maintaining the depth of the topic at hand. It is a complicated subject to attempt, as it’s not limited just to finance, but to our approach to leadership and integrity across the board. Boldly narrated, and diligently compiled, this book is certainly one to keep on the shelf to revisit.

5* – A very insightful look at how our behaviour in terms of conduct should transcend the confines of risk into the wider business environment. The author captures the essence of why viewing conduct within such a narrow focus is not only short-sighted but also value destroying. As well as an easy narrative style, she provides concrete and thought provoking examples of how conduct should be part of our DNA to be imbued within each organisation we work within.

About the author: 

Vinita Ramtri is the Head of Conduct Risk at Barclays Wealth. She regularly participates in industry-level meetings to influence thinking around conduct. In previous roles, she has handled change management and leadership training. She began her career with The Oberoi Hotels in India.C-Tunes Feature

This is her first published book. She blogs with WeAreTheCity India (, an online platform which supports the career development of Indian women. In 2015, she won the Rising Stars Award in the Investment Management category, an award recognising female talent pipeline.

Vinita lives with her two children in London.  In her spare time she loves to run, read, connect, and enjoy the little things in life.

You can follow Vinita on Twitter @vinita_ramtri or visit her at

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