Recommended Read: Confident Data Skills | Kirill Eremenko

confident data skillsWhether you like it or not your life is already dictated by data science.

From the films you see in the cinema to the quickest route to get you to the supermarket. Not only does data impact on our lives, each and everyone one of us is also creating data. By simply getting the tube, browsing online or carrying a smart phone, you are creating valuable statistical data, and being able to use these ‘Data Exhausts’ effectively has become one of the most powerful skills of the 21st Century.

Whatever your place of work, data will have a use – whether colleagues have recognised it or not. New book Confident Data Skills (£14.99 Kogan Page) looks at how people working at companies from Netflix, to Ubisoft, to Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. all used principles of data science to get ahead. The employees who take the initiative aren’t all data scientists, anyone with the will and creativity can use data to improve their company, and in turn, accelerate their own progression in their career.

Confident Data Skills predicts that in ten years, every employee in every country will be expected to have some kind of data literacy, and you can be at the forefront of this revolution. The book isn’t full of ‘How to Code’ lessons, it is about making the skills accessible so you can understand how to apply Data Skills to your work place and take steps towards implementing data effectively. This will give you the foundation and confidence to work with data, in whatever way most suits you and your workplace.

Confident Data Skills by Kirill Eremenko is out now, published by Kogan Page, priced £14.99. For more information go to

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