Recommended Read: Do What Matters | Nicky Mih

Do What Matters - Nicky MihDo What Matters is a book about courage and achieving the seemingly impossible.

Written by the co-founder and Managing Director of Free To Shine, Nicky Mih, the book is for people who are ready to step up in their life and leadership.

Nicky Mih is a woman on a mission –to prevent school-aged girls from being trafficked into the commercial sex industry, a mission set for her by survivors themselves. Nicky leads a team of social workers and education officers who work with community leaders, police, schools, and families to secure the safety of girls across rural Cambodia, and help them achieve their rights to access education, safe drinking water, enough food, and adequate shelter.

In Do What Matters, Nicky Mih deftly takes us on a journey of the complexities and challenges of leading a child protection organisation in Cambodia. Working with families facing immense difficulties and children battling to go to school has taught Nicky Mih many lessons that have changed the way she lives and leads.

Do What Matters is a call to action to do more with the life we too often take for granted. It is a reminder to do what matters most to you – in your business, with your family, and in the world.


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