Recommended Read: Finding Yourself – The Confident Mums Guide to Business | Kylie Carter

Finding Yourself - The Confident Mums Guide to Business | Kylie CarterDo you ever feel that you’re becoming ‘just mum’? That by pouring your heart and soul into motherhood, you’ve lost some of your self-identity, but the ‘Mum Guilt’ is preventing you from exploring your own passions?

Have you ever said to yourself that you’d love to run your own business, BUT…

  • I’m worried I won’t still be a ‘present’ mum
  • I can’t because people ‘like me’ can’t be successful
  • I’m a bad mum for wanting a career and a family
  • I wouldn’t have a clue how to set up my own business
  • I’d feel like an idiot if I were to fail

…if so, ‘Finding Yourself’ is an inspirational and emotional journey into the freedom and power that can be unleashed when becoming a mum in business. Join Kylie Carter as she teaches her 10 most impactful and successful lessons that will leave you feeling confident and empowered, ready to start your own story of success.

Kylie teaches you to embrace the essence of YOU, and incorporate all of the lessons you have learnt in life to build an engaging, authentic and aligned business that acts as a client-magnet. Kylie’s honest but loving approach will show you that you already possess all the qualities needed to succeed, and that with a few strategies in place, anything is possible.

Are you ready to take that first step towards building your Empire?


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