Recommended Read: Focus in the age of distraction | Jane Piper

The world of work has changed rapidly over the last 20 years, but despite this, our way of working hasn’t kept up and with the increasing use of technology, we’re working longer and harder than ever before and, contrary to popular belief about multi-tasking, finding it harder to concentrate on one task at a time.

In her fascinating new book, Focus in the Age of Distraction, (£12.00, Panoma Press) award winning Organisational Psychologist Jane Piper shares 35 tips to help you focus more and work less. The book combines the latest research in psychology and neuroscience with a healthy dose of common sense.

From dispelling myths about multi-tasking to dealing with digital addiction and setting boundaries, Focus in the Age of Distraction addresses the challenges of the modern workplace. Based on psychological and neuroscientific research, the book offers practical tips on how to focus and avoid becoming over-connected, over-worked and overwhelmed.

Jane has over 20 years of working in HR and her approach is a direct result of her psychology education, business background and practical, results-oriented attitude.

Jane explains: ‘The modern working world presents many challenges and we need to address these now to avoid becoming overworked and overwhelmed. In my work I’m increasingly seeing people becoming stressed and unhappy, a situation which is bad for both individuals and the organisations they work for’.

Focus in the Age of Distraction offers practical and effective tips to help busy professionals focus more and work less to help individuals to become more focused, creative and productive at work.

Focus in the Age of Distraction (£12.99) launches on 12 January 2017 and is published by Panoma Press. It is available to order from Amazon.

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