Recommended Read: Is This It? The Smart Woman’s Guide to Finding Work You Love | Ruth Kudzi

Have you ever stayed in a job that you don’t love because you aren’t sure what else to do?

You go through the motions every day but you aren’t fulfilled and are starting to wonder “is this it?” is this how I am going to live the rest of my life?

Ruth’s book (and the members area on her website) helps you to make sense of what you want to do with the rest of your life with practical no-nonsense support and activities and real life case studies so that you can start to make the right changes for you. There are real case studies from women who have changed careers and started businesses from starting the

This is the book to read when you know you want something different in your life but aren’t sure how you are going to get there.

An Amazon bestseller in three categories Ruth’s book has had 30 5* reviews (and 1 3*) and it is fast becoming the go-to book for people wanting to change careers

Ruth Kudzi

Qualified Success Coach for start up and new entrepreneurial women.

Ruth has a PGCERT in Coaching, MA in Psychology & BA in Management & Psychology. She has numerous additional coaching qualifications and is an ICF member. She is a blogger, speaker, teacher and coach who is passionate about empowering women to start their own businesses and develop their confidence.

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