Recommended Read: Leader iD | David Pilbeam & Glenn Wallis

The role of the leader is changing, with workforces having new demands and expectations leaders need to develop, new book Leader iD will ensure you survive and thrive as a leader, both now and in the future.

Leader iD is a unique book paired with an exclusive online diagnostic tool developed by leadership experts to help leaders develop their leading by focusing on their own self-development. With 45 questions, the online diagnostic tool provides a comprehensive look at your own leadership style, each question links to a section in the book so your development plan can be tailored to play to your own strengths and areas for improvement.

Authors David Pilbeam and Dr Glenn Wallis have been working as executive coaches and leadership consultants with leaders in many of the world’s largest organisations for nearly two decades. They’ve written the book using the evidence and research they use in their own coaching across the globe.

Each of the 45 sections is broken down into a familiar framework, which will help you to take actionable steps towards your own development. It looks at how what you believe might limit you; how to challenge the way that you think; advice on how to phrase what you say in a productive way; actions to do now in order to develop and questions to ask yourself prompting reflection on how the given advice relates to your personal situation.

Written in the knowledge that every leader is different, with Leader iD’s tailored help you’ll become a more effective, authentic and confident leader.

Leader iD by David Pilbeam and Glenn Wallis is out now and costs £14.99.

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