Recommended Read: Lessons From A Clown: How To Find Courage To Show Up For Yourself and Laugh Every Day | Em Stroud & Orange

Lessons From A Clown: How To Find Courage To Show Up For Yourself and Laugh Every Day | Em StroudYES! Your life can be better!

Do you know that your life can be happier, more filled with laughter and that you deserve to truly have a great time doing this thing called life? Do you really want to show up for yourself, open up your creativity, laugh every day, and feel free to be you? Then Lessons from a Clown is the book for you.

In Lessons from a Clown, Em Stroud and Orange share how you can show up more confidently, and embrace opportunities while allowing yourself to have fun and find joy again. (which we surely all want and need!) In Lessons from a Clown readers see how her clown Orange helped Em to reconnect to who she really is, which allowed Em to embrace her own vulnerabilities and stop the negative talk that limited her. The world of Clowning is often misunderstood and in Lessons from a Clown readers will learn how this craft can really affect their lives at home and at work.

You can show up for yourself and laugh every day!

Lessons from a Clown shares Em’s story of twenty years as a performer, business owner, speaker, podcaster, emcee and coach, and clown and how all of these roles enabled her to develop as a woman who is living her best life filled with much laughter.

For over 20 years Em has helped people develop more confidence, understand their story, find their creativity and have more fun. In a world where the complex is becoming more so, and the challenges of everyday living are becoming greater, Lessons from a Clown will inspire readers to be themselves have more courage, and laugh everyday.

Lessons from a Clown offers five lessons:

  1. Be Seen,
  2. Be Kind,
  3. Be Present,
  4. Be Accepting, and
  5. Be Playful

which taken together have the potential to shift the way you live.

The book includes practical ways for you to show up for you the there are many ideas for you to try including the fruit salad and the rainbow diary. (Yip in this world we like to be colourful!)

Regardless of your job title or how you are feeling about your life right now – there is always room to laugh everyday and allow more joy into your life.

Lessons from a Clown is part memoir, part self-help, part stand-up and it will make you laugh, think and play more.

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