Recommended Read: Live A Big Life In A Quiet Way | Lindsey Hood

Live A Big Life In A Quiet Way - Lindsey Hood

Have you resigned yourself to living a small life because you are quiet or introverted by nature?

Do you struggle with feelings that you are not good enough and plagued with self-doubt so you play it small to try to stay under the radar?

Do you believe feeling confident is for other people and not for you?

Get ready to have your views challenged!

In her book, Lindsey Hood invites you to become an explorer in your own life, to deepen your self-awareness around things, from what confidence is and what it isn’t, your motivation to your values, your strengths to your inner voice, your dreams to your internal blocks. Start your self-development journey today to start showing up fully in your life, saying yes to the opportunities that excite you and living a big life, in your own quiet way!

To purchase a copy of the book please visit  Kindle edition via Amazon (£6.99) and paperback (£10.99) and hardcover (£15.99) available on Amazon and also from Waterstones.

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