Recommended Read: Much More To Come | Eleanor Mills

Much More To Come: How to survive your midlife crisis and navigate the ups and downs of menopause, empty nests, second careers, dating post-divorce and more.

At 49, Eleanor Mills was abruptly and unceremoniously made redundant. In one fell swoop, she lost her sense of purpose, and her identity – and her family lost its main source of income. She felt washed up and burnt out. She felt like she’d died; like everything which had defined her life for the last 25 years was gone.

But then she noticed something: she wasn’t alone. Almost every woman her age was struggling with something equally seismic, be it divorce, bereavement, illness, anxious teens or an empty nest – she conducted some research and found that by 50 half of women had experienced five huge life events, often all together – the midlife clusterf*ck. But she also found that the more the women had been through, the more likely were to then get their lives set up just the way they wanted them. Queenagers, as she calls them, are Forged In Fire.

So she set up, an online platform and community to support women pivoting in midlife.

This book is the result. Part inspiration, part memoir, it’s a celebration of the experiences of midlife, supporting readers to triumph in the face of challenges, embrace joy, find their power and learn to thrive.

Through moving stories and practical wisdom, Much More to Come cuts through the uncertainty and proves that midlife is not a crisis but a chrysalis – a time of transformation when we can finally become the women we always wanted to be.

“I wanted other women who felt lost and on the scrap heap in midlife to look at Noon and read my story and know that they weren’t done, it wasn’t over, there was a path to reinvention and a good act to follow. That there is a positive answer to that dreaded question: what next?”

Eleanor Mills is an award-winning journalist and the former Editorial Director of The Sunday Times. She has over 15k followers on Instagram, and her newsletter ‘The Queenager’ is a Substack bestseller.

Eleanor is determined to change the narrative about the later stages of women’s lives to one more fit for purpose. It is her mission that midlife women feel seen, heard, celebrated, supported and inspired.

She is a seasoned Broadcaster, and a regular paper reviewer for the BBC and Sky, not to mention relishing a debate on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan amongst others. She regularly comments on media for The World Tonight and other BBC shows and is a radio regular. She has interviewed everyone from David Cameron, Theresa May, and Dalai lama to Sheryl Sandberg, she is a season features editor, and award-winning writer, who writes regularly for the Mail Telegraph and Guardian, happy to write features.

Midlife is a chrysalis, not a crisis.

In the tumult of midlife, women can face a whirlwind of challenges: divorce, loss, career upheaval, and the daunting task of reinvention. At forty-nine, Eleanor Mills thought her life was going swimmingly. Then the bottom fell out of her world, and she had to start again from scratch.

Much More to Come is the guide she longed for in those dark times. Within these pages, Eleanor shares stories of resilience and optimism; her own and those of women who have survived and thrived in midlife.

Through moving stories and practical wisdom, Much More to Come cuts through the uncertainty and the self-doubt, and proves that midlife is not to be feared, but embraced – a time for transformation, when we can finally become the women we always wanted to be.

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