Recommended Read: No Filter Needed | Camilla Collins

No Filter Needed - Camilla Collins

Do you feel that with so many “ideals of beauty” being forced upon us it has become difficult to feel secure and happy in your own skin?

With the media and the cosmetics industry playing on our insecurities it is easy to get caught up in ‘putting our best selves forward’ that we forget who we truly are in the process.
In this book, Camilla will bust some myths, boost your self esteem, increase your self assurance and get your internal self image back on track.
Its time to kick unobtainable standards to the kerb once and for all and reimagine the power within yourself.
This book has four sections:  
  1. Masks: How cosmetics have been used to solicit power and status.
  2. The Brand Of You: Mental health, ways of creating confidence and redeveloping the brand of you.
  3.  Beauty Bullshit Busting: Unmasking marketing tactics,  the truth about quick fixes so that you no longer need to live up to unobtainable standards.  
  4. Self-Image: Fuelling your body and mind. Learning to harness the power of your imagination and rewrite your own history so that you can live each day fulfilled and with purpose.


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