Recommended Read: Quietly Visible: Leading with Influence and Impact as an Introverted Woman | Carol Stewart

Quietly Visible book Quietly Visible: Leading with Influence and Impact as an Introverted Woman

“You don’t look like an introvert” was a statement made to the author whilst at a networking event, and she thought to herself, what on earth is an introvert supposed to look like…

Many misconceptions exist about what introversion is, and this was just one of them. These misconceptions can lead to people having an unfavourable, unconscious bias towards those who identify as introverts when it comes to developing talent in the workplace. The challenges women face getting to senior leadership roles is well documented, and for the introverted woman who, dealing with those challenges, along with the challenges many face as introverts, can make the leadership journey even more difficult.

However, just because someone is not loud and gregarious, it does not mean that they are not great, effective leaders. This book addresses many of the challenges that introverted women face as leaders and shows how these challenges can be overcome. Some of the challenges are due to the self-limiting beliefs they hold about themselves, or they may be as a result of unfavourable bias and misconceptions about what introversion is, or they may be a combination of both.

Quietly Visible is written from the perspective of the lived experience of the author (herself an introvert), her clients, her research, and the many, many introverted women across the globe who regularly share their experiences and challenges with her.


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