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How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking: The Step by Step system to engage your audience and present with confidence.
How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking

Written for women, in a lively, accessible style, the book uses examples from the world of pop music, referring to DIVAs such as Beyonce and Adele. There is plenty of content here that men can use too.

You are shown how to be a DYNAMIC, INSPIRING, VALUABLE and AUTHENTIC presenter. You will learn:

· The four step DIVA Speaking SystemTM. One size doesn’t fit all – read about multiple different ways to be successfully you on stage.
· A step-by-step process to help you craft, remember and deliver a high quality presentation.
.  How to prepare mentally and physically, making sure you give the audience what they want while getting what you need.
· Where to find speaking gigs and how to analyse your performances so that your presentations get better and better over time.
.  The content covers storytelling, stagecraft, vocal variety, dealing with nerves, and much more.

Accompanying the book are a variety of FREE gifts, delivered as an online course. These include:

·         two-minute video summaries of each chapter
·         short videos containing vocal warm ups to get your voice into shape
·         audio material to help you visualise success
·         a PDF workbook.
You will also receive notification to download the FREE audio-book, once it’s ready.

This book gives you all the tools you need to make an impact and enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

Discover how to be a uniquely fabulous speaker and excel at being YOU on stage, playing to your strengths and building on your weaker areas to create a rich and valuable experience for your audience.

It’s time to be a DIVA at public speaking! Buy the book here:

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