Recommended Read: Smart Leaders Sell | Jessica Lorimer

smart leaders sell paper back by Jessica Lorimer

In Smart Leaders Sell, ex-corporate high flier turned entrepreneur making over multi-6 figures in profit, Jessica Lorimer shares the sales secrets every entrepreneur needs to know to skyrocket their sales, increase their profits and make the income and impact they desire in the world.

The book is packed with simple sales tips for entrepreneurs ready to scale beyond six figures. The sales strategies also apply for salespeople working in corporations, as that is where Jessica formulated her proven sales process after all.

Jessica takes the reader through proven sales strategies gleaned from her years at the top of the corporate ladders heading up international sales divisions for huge luxury brand conglomerates and translates these processes into a proven system that has seen over 1000 international entrepreneurs double or triple their profit as a result of her sales coaching.

The book is written in a warm and chatty manner, but do not be fooled into a relaxed state. It will make you want to implement the ideas instantly, even at 10pm when you’re tucked up in bed.

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