Recommended Read: The Resilience Dynamic® | Jenny Campbell

The Resilience DynamicThe Resilience Engine’s ten years of resilience research cuts through all the noise.

Jenny Campbell has written The Resilience Dynamic® to set out a straightforward approach to living and working in a more resilient and healthy way for corporate managers, leaders and business owners.

Jenny puts the findings from more than ten years’ real-world research directly into your hands in a real, straightforward and often light-hearted way, so you can make a difference in your own life and in your organization. With a Foreword by George Kohlrieser. Discover the practical approach that thousands already use to build real resilience:

  • Why focus on resilience now?
  • Busting the myths of resilience
  • Tips for developing your own resilience as a buffer to stress
  • How resilience can transform how you lead change and increase performance in a complex and uncertain world

Jenny Campbell is Chief Executive and lead researcher at The Resilience Engine. Resilience takes her into many domains, from working with leaders in large organisations to working in schools, universities and charities. She is passionate about sharing the thinking and practical resilience habits from the research, so that everyone can feel well, more at ease, and reconnected to the joy in their life.

The Resilience Dynamic® is published by Practical Inspiration Publishing, £15.99


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