Recommended Read: You Coach You: How to Overcome Challenges and Take Control of Your Career | Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis

Our careers are full of potential and possibilities, uncertainty and change.

There is no such thing as a straight line to success and there are times when we get stuck, face obstacles, feel frustrated or want to explore new opportunities. In these moments the best place to start is by coaching yourself. No one can solve your problems better than you can, and learning to coach yourself will accelerate your self-awareness and help you take control of your career.

In You Coach You, you’ll learn the mindset, skillset and toolkit you need to coach yourself. You’ll discover practical support on some of the most common coaching challenges including:

  • Exploring your progression possibilities and making them happen
  • Building your resilience reserves and turning adversity into action
  • Moving beyond busy to time well spent and finding the right work-life fit for you
  • Building the beliefs that help you succeed and overcoming setbacks
  • Creating the connections you need for your career and fixing friction in difficult relationships
  • Developing a sense of direction and a purpose that is motivating and meaningful for you

Packed with ideas for action and insightful tools, this practical book will help you to get unstuck, and increase your confidence in and control over your career.

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