Recommended Reads | Unshakeable You: Overcome and Heal from Domestic Violence – Victoria Awale Griffith

Victoria Awale Griffith has released a new book to help women and girls heal their hearts, discover their purpose, become emotionally free, be empowered to be all they can be, and start creating and living the life they truly deserve. Unshakeable You 3D Cover

In the process, they will uncover their “Unshakeable Factor”—become capable of handling whatever life throws at them and excel in their personal and professional lives.

Life can knock you down, but “Being Unshakeable means that you are GREATER than one or two bad experiences you may have encountered in LIFE.”

– Victoria Griffith

What makes Victoria “Unshakeable” is her unwavering and unfaltering faith which she has held on to since childhood, when she embarked on a turbulent rollercoaster of a journey. She became rebellious and disconnected as a teenager and got involved in a long-term abusive relationship, where she experienced physical, emotional and psychological abuse for nine years. Despite that, she kept on moving and trusted that God had a major plan for her life if she continued to walk on the healing path He laid out for her. DISCOVER HOW SHE DID IT IN THIS BOOK!
 As a survivor of domestic violence herself, Victoria knows what other women are going through; she feels what they feel. She also knows how daunting it is to restore your confidence and self-worth once it has been taken from you.

Victoria’s journey has inspired many women and girls to begin to walk in their power and keep hope alive regardless of what they may have encountered or think is impossible to overcome—because by following her guidelines, they can discover their own power and overcome!

Through this book, Victoria will help you heal your heart, find your purpose and become emotionally free.
She will equip you to be empowered to “be all you can be” and start creating and living the life you truly deserve.

In the process, you WILL become “Unshakeable”—capable of handling whatever life throws at you and excelling in your personal and professional life.



Victoria’s book can be purchased via Amazon

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