Recording your voice

So many people tell me they FREAK when they hear recordings of their voices. Whether this is a webinar recording, voice over, video or even dictaphone (remember those), it can be quite challenging to hear the sound of your voice.


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I remember meeting a lady at a network group. Her mission was to speak to me – as she knew I was going to attend. She was unhappy with the sound of her voice when she played back messages from her dictaphone machine. The person next to me launched into a “This is a limiting belief, what are you afraid of?” comment. I took a deep breath and asked her about the recording equipment. It turned out the dictaphone was very old and clearly the microphone was poor quality, leading to the recording of the voice being very tinny.

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What we hear internally is quite different to the sound other people hear. If you add a distorted recording, it can be quite off putting to hear what your voice ‘sounds’ like – even if it isn’t an accurate record of the voice. In the latest Superstar Communicator podcast, which is available to download from iTunes for free, I share some facts about how the sound of the voice can be distorted by recordings and some top tips to making your voice sound good for non-professional recordings.

Listen to the Superstar Communicator Podcast here.

I know more and more people are recording their own webinars and podcasts outside a professional recording studio, and I hope the podcast will give you some great information to go away with!

Listen to the Superstar Communicator Podcast here

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