Job of the week: Recruitment Coordinator | London

ThoughtWorks Logo featuredAt ThoughtWorks, we believe that amazing people are at the heart of amazing organisations. As our recruiting operations facilitator, you’ll be at the heart of making sure that interviewing at ThoughtWorks is an amazing experience.

This is a varied role supporting our distributed recruiting team. Our Talent Scouts for the UK are based in London and Manchester. This means that you’ll bring your amazing organisational skills, unparalleled customer service ethic and awesome problem-solving ability into a very diverse world.

You’ll be working with three sets of key stakeholders; our recruiting team, our consultants and our candidates. Your job is to make sure that we’re balancing the needs of all three, and that everyone comes out at the end, smiling. For example, one of our team wants you to arrange for a candidate to travel from Leeds to Manchester for a one day interview. The candidate has to be back home by 7pm at the latest for their daughter’s karate lesson, and the only time that our MD can speak to them is at 6pm. You manage to solve that issue, but then at the last minute, there’s a schedule change and you have to reorganise the whole day, because three of our consultants had to head out for a product showcase unexpectedly.

You’re the kind of person who sees this as a challenge, rather than a disaster. You love moving parts, finding ways to make impossible things happen, and you’re not daunted when some of your hard work has to be changed. Alongside all this urgent, transactional stuff, you love spotting areas for improvement and building flexible systems and processes that make day to day life much easier for everyone.

We’re looking for the following skills:

 Get-it-done mentality. You know that amazing experiences take time, often yours, and you’re always willing to give that little bit extra to get things done.

 Sparkly personality and an ability to put everyone at ease. You’ll be administering our assessments when candidates are in the office, so you’ll be good at calming nerves even if you know that the buzzer is about to go off for someone else’s interview handover and you can hear the phone ringing. You’ll also work extensively with our consultants, dealing with people with pretty heavy workloads and finding ways to get them to be involved with recruiting.

 Problem-solving and process improvement skills above everything. You love finding that cool way to run an assessment day, building a new process to get all of our feedback in our recruiting database and getting to grips with 10,000 moving parts.

 Kind of geeky. We use a recruiting system called Avature and it’s not the most self-explanatory system in the world. We need someone who’s a little bit geeky to be able to get to grips with it. And of course, we’re a technology consultancy, so as you can imagine, we like a lot of cool tech around here.

 Organised yet flexible. You’ll bring calmness where there was little before, but with enough flexibility that we’re not running everything off a spreadsheet.

Daily Tasks:

 Scheduling 5 hour interviews with around 9 different ThoughtWorkers

 Constantly build relationships with ThoughtWorkers

 Gather feedback from interviews in a timely manner

 Look after all referrals internally – be the point of contact for all referrals made by

ThoughtWorkers, update them on the referred by them candidates, and manage the

end-to-end process with all referred candidates

 Sending out and manage code assignments – get these reviewed and keep on top of


 Write and send out new starter contracts – these must be accurate

 Be the point of contact for all candidates and make sure they have the best day

possible even if they are not successful in the process

 Administer all candidate assessments and record these on the system

 Help with organisation of weekly meet ups and events e.g. Speakers Corner

We’re open on the experience that you bring and your culture fit to our team and business.

We’re excited to meet you and prepared to be impressed!


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