Red Hot Internet Publicity: An Insider’s Guide to Marketing Online

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Authors, speakers, small business owners…you’ve got three choices: 1. Spend a fortune on advertising and other old-school marketing, and pray that you’ll make back your investment, against all odds. 2. Fritter away two or three years blindly stumbling around, trying to figure out what works on your own, while competing for attention with more than 25,000,000,000 web pages. 3. Listen to an expert who can show you how to get your website noticed, visited, and purchased from—who can show you how to be smart and successful online while keeping your dollars in your own wallet, and whose own site is in the top 1 percent* for traffic of all the sites in the world. Penny Sansevieri is that expert, and this book is your road map. In the rapidly changing world of Internet publicity, this book is up-to-the-minute (covering social media in detail—not just Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but also recent powerhouse sites like Pinterest and Google Plus—even a chapter on the reputation-rating site Klout). Comprehensive, but easy to understand and apply, and anyone who implements her suggestions is sure to gain a ton of publicity. —Amy Porterfield, Author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies You’ll learn… • How gain real visibility in Google, no matter how they shift their algorithms—and why that can make a tremendous difference in your business • What to do on your own websites, what to do on social media, and how to make money in both of those worlds • How to capture an online market far bigger than PC users (hint: look at what’s clipped to your belt or inside your pocket)