Relax – even Bond Girls get this dating thing wrong!!

I know stars are not God but don’t we get fixated on the supposed perfection that we see on our screens everyday?!! Truth is even Bond Girls, the supposedly most beautiful women in the world, get the dating thing wrong in real life, so relax!!

I was running through my list of Bond Girls, cross checking the romance and action they enjoy with Bond  on screen with what  happens in their real life, thinking that somehow and maybe,  their characters have  rubbed off on them (in real life) and that maybe, just maybe, when it comes to real life, they tend to enjoy at least the same level of romance and love as their characters do on screen with Bond. I must say that I am not hugely surprised by my conclusions for after all it is Hollywood that we are talking about, where ‘romance’ is displayed 24/7 but dies in 72days!  We get so fixated by their on screen aura that we begin to think that they must have it good in real life!! The sad truth though is that whilst they play romantic characters on screen with 007, their real dating life is nowhere close the ladies they play on screen. I was hoping that somehow they will pick up a few dating tips from their own Bond Girl characters as we ‘normals’ tend to do but somehow they don’t! So even they get the dating thing wrong… here are a few examples

Let’s look at Jinx as played by Halle Berry in Die Another Day.  On screen she was the perfect 10 and forbidden fruit for Bond until the end! Frankly I liked her charm, I very much did indeed but my question is,  how is she doing in real life?  As beautiful as this Bond Girl is, when it comes to choosing the right guys, she sure is like everyone else! Her choice in men, isn’t exactly executed Bond style I must say! I mean she fell for David Justice, and good old Eric Benet,  then Michael Ealy . I thought she had finally seen the light when she hooked up with Gabriel Aubry but I was to be proven so wrong.  That relationship went right past like a Japanese bullet train!

Not to be too harsh on Halle, I looked into other Bond Girls to see if I could be mistaken. In my own MI6 way, I pulled out Ursula Andress‘ file! Well no surprises there either!! I’ve always thought all I had to do to get my own real life Bond, was to work on the abs and bring up the bum a little bit higher , find my moment by the sea somewhere and channel Ursula through!Reality is that if I was the next Bond girl, that may work but I found out that Ursula haven’t quite nailed it in real life either.

Long story cut short, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that we can get easily disappointed if our dating lifestyle is no where near what we see on screen but  we need to relax and find our own niche  if our own Bond style escapist love haven’t yet happened! Because in real life it does take a bit of research, work, laughter and more work to get to the desired goal so don’t give up just yet.

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