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WATC-Webinar-Inge-HarnessPowerOn the 7th May 2014, WeAreTheCity and Inge Woudstra ran a fantastic webinar called Harnessing the Power of Difference

In this webinar session you will discover:

  • Discover how being a woman may be hindering you at work and hold you back
  • Learn 6 key areas in which women tend to bring unique value at work
  • Build a true belief in your own capabilities and find out how to get recognised for the contributions you bring
  • Learn career strategies on what you need to do to be valued at work and get more career opportunities coming your way
  • 1 thing to do straight away to start using your unique value effectively

Do you ever feel excluded, undervalued, not-recognised, unnoticed or even overruled at work? Or do you just see little career opportunities coming your way?

In that case you probably know those situations where your idea gets presented by someone else. Or you are very familiar with that moment where you look around and suddenly realise with a mix of jealousy and insecurity that all the guys you started with suddenly seem to have progressed faster than you. What has happened? Is it just you or does it really seem easier for men?

Yes, it really is easier for men, because I believe organisations are designed for men. But what does that mean for women? Women are different. That’s what it is. Men and women are wired differently. And that’s okay. Yes, it really is. In this webinar you will find out what you can do with those differences and how you can make the most of them to boost your career progress.

You have a true power, once you know what it is, you can harness it in many situations.

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Resources mentioned
  • Work with me – Barbara Annis, John Gray
  • The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men – Anna Runyan
  • The Female Brain – Louise Brezandine
  • Leadership and the Sexes – Barbara Annis, Michael Gurian
  • The Essential Difference – Simon Baron-Cohen
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