Return to Work: Gaynor Tiltman

Gaynor Tiltman Morgan StanleyHow did you hear about the Return to Work programme?

I heard about it from a friend who works at Morgan Stanley.

Why did you apply?

After attending Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work seminar, I realised that there were opportunities to re-enter Investment Banking even after an extended absence.

Tell us more about the programme – how long did it run for, where were you placed, and what did you do?

The programme ran for 12-weeks from the end of September to just before Christmas. It was a full-time position based in London.

I was placed in a team working on various projects that were eventually presented to senior management. The programme provided training on the latest technologies, gave us inspirational and motivational guidance and introduced us to Managing Directors/senior leadership from all areas of the business. These business insights, giving a totally different perspective, were incredibly useful to understanding how the industry has changed and become what it is today. Everyone who spoke to us on the programme had a clear idea of where Morgan Stanley has come from and where it is headed. Networking was actively encouraged and whoever you spoke to within the Firm was obviously aware of the programme and always willing to spend time and offer advice.

What benefits did you get out of it?

Confidence, knowledge and an excellent support network.

Why would you recommend it?

I would highly recommend the programme. It was a fantastic opportunity to see if returning full-time to a challenging role would work for me. There was a lot of support within the programme which helped make the move a lot easier for a long term stay-at-home-mum.

What has happened to you since completing the programme?

 I was offered a full-time role and have been lucky enough to be placed in an area I was historically familiar with and am quickly finding my feet.

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