Return to Work: Jyoti Venkatesh | Product Reference Data

Jyoti Venkatesh, Morgan StanleyHow did you hear about the Return to Work programme?

I heard about this through a recruitment agency which encourages women to get back to work.

Why did you apply?

I applied because I thought it was the right time to get back to work after a three-year maternity break. I didn’t get a positive response from the regular recruitment agencies about my career break, so the Return to Work programme seemed to provide the right opportunity for me and others like me who have taken a long career break.

Tell us more about the programme – how long did it run for, where were you placed, and what did you do?

Morgan Stanley Return to Work was a 12-week programme. After being interviewed, I was placed in the Technology and Data division. We had a two-day induction, followed by an introduction to the business. I was then assigned to a live project and given goals to be completed during the course of the programme, which were similar to what I had done in my previous career.

The programme manager, assigned buddy and the entire team were extremely helpful and provided me with much needed support during the 12 weeks.

We also had weekly Senior Management sessions where we had the opportunity to hear about senior managers’ career journeys and ask them questions. These sessions also gave me a lot of good insight about the Firm.

What benefits did you get out of it?

The programme gave me an opportunity to work on a live project. I gained a lot of confidence, which prepared me for getting back into full-time work after me career break. It also gave me an opportunity to network and interact with others who had also taken career breaks.

Why would you recommend it?

I would definitely recommend the programme as getting back to work after a break can prove to be quite intimidating. Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work internship gives a great opportunity and provides an environment to help people ease back into their work routine again.

What has happened to you since completing the programme?

At the end of the programme I was offered a permanent role with the Product Reference Data division, which I gladly accepted.

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