Revamping Your Living Room: Top Tips



Living room in dire need of a revamp? While your budget may not be sky high, there’s plenty of ways you can ensure your home looks stylish.

The key here is well-chosen accessories mixed with a few ‘statement’ pieces. And remember that old adage: ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ with each and every purchase; with the larger pieces of furniture, it’s often a better idea to think ‘investment’ over ‘it’ll do for now’.

Of course, if your budget won’t always allow for this line of thought regardless, why not think about sprucing up old pieces of furniture? Could you re-paint an old table, for example, or add some new drawer handles to that sideboard? There’s always ways to jazz up something you already have; breathe new life into old furniture and enjoy both the reward of creating something new, and the prospect of saving money.

A statement piece that’s built to last – such as a traditional, hand built Chesterfield sofa – will help you pocket more cash in the long run, though. Plus leather furniture can be easily wiped clean – making it ideal if you have pets or kids; just make sure you keep claws and sharp nails away from your new sofa!

If money’s tight in the short-term, have you considered getting your current sofa re-upholstered? Many fabric couch covers zip straight off, and you can then find a local company to re-cover your existing sofa or chair. Hey, if you’re really handy, you could do it yourself with a sewing machine and a fabric of your choice.

When it comes to the smaller pieces, like vases, cushion covers and candle holders, for example, if you keep your walls and larger furniture neutral in colour, you can swap everything else with minimum effort – and minimum funds. Try IKEA, ASDA Living, TK Maxx, and Home Sense, for quirky bits and pieces to jazz up an otherwise drab looking room.

Living in rented accommodation? There are plenty of ways you can liven up your living room without adding wallpaper or making permanent dents in the walls with picture hooks. Have you looked at wall stickers, which can easily be removed at a later date? Or check with your landlord if you can add a fresh lick of paint; many landlords are OK with this as long as it’s repainted before you move on. You can also add pictures, just ensure you use the right hooks as landlords can easily deduct money from your deposit if the walls become damaged.

Freshen up an otherwise dark room by using a bright white paint on the walls, or add vibrant vases, and pretty flowers to windowsills. Head to Pinterest for cheap and easy craft projects you can whip up in mere hours and later add to your home for instant wow factor. Why not start by buying a statement piece in the first instance and plan the smaller things around it?

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