We reveal life in the London cycle lane!

Accident claims lawyers, First Personal Injury, have lifted the lid on life in the London cycle lane, with the fascinating infographic below.

It shows just how popular cycling is in London but also shows the risks that London cyclists face every day. It also give us a few hints about how cycling in London might change in the next few years.


On some roads during morning peak hours, 64% of vehicles are now bicycles, while 11 riders cross London Bridge every minute. Unfortunately, with cyclist deaths making the headlines recently, the infographic does show how dangerous cycling can be. 14 cyclists were killed on London’s roads last year, and shockingly, almost a quarter of those killed and injured on bikes are children. But the future is brighter. With £1 billion being invested in cycling over the next 10 years, and ambitious plans for a London SkyCycle, a 220km elevated cycle highway across the city, it seems that life in the London cycle lane can only improve.

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