Reversing The Aging Process – Part IV

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“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are” – Adelle Davis

A few weeks ago I was dashing around, feeling like there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. I was literally running from place to place, multi-tasking every step of the way.

I showed up to my weekly tennis lesson full of frustration and irritation and immediately starting venting about the sort of day I was having. After one particularly grueling drill I was walking to collect the balls and all of a sudden my right ankle gave way beneath me with a loud “SNAP!”

The prognosis was a torn ligament, 4-6 weeks out of action and a rather funky looking space boot to help me get around. I’d been hoping to slow down, and well, the Universe had kindly obliged.

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you’ll appreciate that this happened about a month into my becoming smoke-free. I couldn’t help wondering what 4-6 weeks of eating, with no exercise and no cigarettes, was going to mean for my weight! So I decided that this week, it would be purposeful and timely to start to bring some consciousness around the topic of FOOD.

Naturally, food and nutrition mean different things to different people. Take a moment to think about your own relationship with food….

  • Do you eat a meal for the enjoyment of it, or to finish it?
  • Do you see food as an expression of love, a means of entertainment, or do you equate it with comfort?
  • Do you eat when you’re sad, when you’re happy or when you’re bored?

Believe it or not, people rarely eat just because they’re hungry.

When you strip away all the judgments we place on food, food is just energy for the body. In the same way that a car needs fuel to make it run, our bodies need energy to function.

I’m not here to advocate what anyone should eat; there are plenty of people out there getting behind inventive diets and juicing frenzies from one month to the next. The fact is that everyone has a choice as to what to eat and hopefully you make choices that give your body what it needs to stay healthy and strong.

What is common knowledge, however, is that the more food you choose that will fuel your body wisely, the healthier you’ll be and thus the better your body will serve you as a vehicle in your life. We all know that usually pizza isn’t as wise a choice as wholegrains or vegetables, because raw foods that are close to their natural state (like fruit, vegetables and nuts) have the most potential energy and are therefore the cleanest type of fuel.

I’d been hoping to slow down, and well, the Universe had kindly obliged.

Whilst most of us understand that on an intellectual level, we can all get distracted and crave foods based on our hormones and our moods. The secret is getting to know yourself and what’s right for you – listen to your body. We can all learn our body’s signals and stop eating when we’re full. When you want to eat something, simply ask yourself, “am I really hungry or am I trying to fill some other need”? If you want to fill another need, consider how else you might you do it in a way that serves you?

So just for this week I invite you to see how you could apply some of the following wisdom to your life:

  • Your body is sacred
  • Treat it well
  • Make it stronger by exercising and provide it with healthy fuel by making good food choices
  • Give it what it needs, not more, not less
  • Think of your body as a child – would you overstuff a child?
  • Would you keep a child in a crib all day and never let her exercise?
  • As you would treat a child with love, ask what is the most loving and nurturing way you can treat your body.
  • A mother’s dream is to see her child be the best she can be, do the same for your body so it can be the best it can be.
  • You wouldn’t want your child to hide her beauty or power and so demonstrate and show who you are regardless of what your body may look like to someone else.
  • You want to teach your children that sitting around doesn’t bring results. How can you expect results for yourself if you don’t give your body the attention and love it deserves?

Feel free to get in touch and let me know how you get on?

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Anna Margolis is our Mastering your Mind blogger. She is a revitalised former city lawyer turned freer of minds. Find out more: iPEC London, Facebook, Pinterest

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