Reversing The Aging Process – Part I

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

– Henry Ford

agingprocessSo, as I’m writing this blog, tomorrow will be my birthday.

For as long as I can remember I have dreaded my birthday. Every year, I would reluctantly tolerate the fuss and quietly resent the spotlight being shone on the fact that I still wasn’t who or where I wanted to be, yet another year down the line.

But today, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I’m actually looking forward to my birthday.  I feel more vital, more present, more self-confident, more purposeful and more loved than ever before.

So what’s different? In short, my thinking.

In order to unlock your unlimited potential, you already know the importance of first breaking through any of the big four energy blocks about yourself, the world, the people in it, or your ability to live an abundant life.  Some of the biggest and most unconscious of these blocks are rooted in the illusions of age and time.

This series will help you reverse, or at least stall, the aging process. It will do that by first breaking through any limiting concepts about age and then helping you utilise your natural resources of anabolic energy to put into action being youthful and being health. The result will be an improvement in not only the quantity but also the quality of your life.

Breaking the Illusion of Age*

Let’s start by covering off some of the most deeply engrained limiting concepts about age.

How old are you? In all likelihood you just gave me your chronological age.

There are actually 4 measurements of age:
  • Your physical/chronological age;
  • Your biological age;
  • Your emotional age; and
  • Your spiritual age

The Truth is that your chronological age is just a number. If that wasn’t the case, then wouldn’t we all die at exactly the same age?

How long do you believe you’ll live?

The generally accepted 21st century life expectancy is an average. Some people who are 72 live as if they are 50. Some people who are 50, live as if they are 72. Based on how you are living your life, you are actually a different age to your chronological age.

The second measurement of age is your biological age. Your biological age tells you about your body and is determined by the measurement of different vital signs like: blood pressure, cholesterol and bone density. Biologically, your skin replaces itself once a month, your stomach lining replaces itself every 5 days, your liver every 6 weeks and your skeleton every 6 months. In fact, more than 98% of our atoms are replaced each year. So which part of you is the age you said you were a little earlier?

The next measurement of age is your emotional age. This is age you think and feel. If you think and feel at your core that you are young, you ARE young. Whacky as that may sound, I was out last night for my birthday celebrations and we bumped into another birthday party for a girl who was celebrating her 25th birthday. We were chatting for a little while and then she smiled and asked what birthday I was celebrating, when I told her, she retorted with a resounding “No FREAKING way! You look younger than me!” (I’m nearing my mid-thirties).

High energy, high conscious people resonate and emit a powerful sense of being that’s anabolic in nature and can be sensed by others. It’s magnetic and vibrant. High conscious people literally feel young to other people.

Finally, the fourth measure is your spiritual age. In the spiritual reality there’s no time and space, they don’t exist on a quantum level, so you never really age at all. We’re all infinite. We’ll be focussing on this a little more later on in the “Reversing The Aging Process” series.

Utilising Your Natural Anabolic Energy

So what causes the body to age? In a word, STRESS.

The stress hormone cortisol, a catabolic hormone, is released into your body whenever you feel or perceive a stressful event. Stress taxes the body. There are 3 different types of stress:

  • Physical stress – is from our bodies, the work we do and the pollution around us.
  • Spiritual stress – is when our body, mind and spirit aren’t consciously connected and we’re not following our true purpose.
  • Emotional stress – is caused by misperceptions of the people around us and the events that happen in our lives.

Everyone has stress; we need it to survive; we even need it to get out of bed in the mornings. That said, most people want less stress in their lives. More specifically, people want to experience less of a stress reaction to things that are occurring and zapping their energy.

Stress itself isn’t the enemy. It’s only when stress becomes overwhelming, because we’re consistently having conditioned stress reactions to things, that we are really causing ourselves some problems. Since we’re not under threat from the sabre toothed tiger anymore, instead, we have generalised our reaction to stress in the everyday world (seeing anything from school runs to work deadlines as a perceived psychological threat), so catabolic hormones are floating around our blood stream and are attacking us from the inside out.

You don’t actually need to aim to eliminate stress altogether, but releasing fewer catabolic hormones caused by stress will stall the aging process. Over the coming weeks, we will learn that there are many ways to handle stress better including: exercising, eating better, practising meditation daily and of course all round raising your level of consciousness.

So before next time……..

  1. Ask yourself, how do you experience the aging process?;
  2. Go back to your list of Limiting Beliefs that are or have been relevant in your own life and examine any that relate to health or aging; and
  3. Think about something you would do if you were young again and do it this week.

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*Some content from the iPEC Law of Being Audio Programme

About the author

Anna Margolis is our Mastering your Mind blogger. She is a revitalised former city lawyer turned freer of minds. Find out more: iPEC London, Facebook, Pinterest

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