A Review of the Past Year

CityEye-sqAs we head towards another new year it can be helpful to do a stock take and perhaps some forward planning.   Not necessarily New Year Resolutions. Rather a processing and letting go of of the past and recognizing and absorbing lessons learned.

Especially if you’re starting out in a new business or just of starting up. But any kind of activity can benefit from this exercise, family, social, life.

Look back on the past year. Your greatest challenge   Isolate the most difficult aspects. A threat to your self belief or it may have seemed beyond your control. No matter how extreme there is always some slight adjustment which puts you in control. Were there knock on effects. if there were, what one small change would effectively make this easier in future.

You may think that nothing good comes of a great disaster, yet when you pick yourself up, you can recognize a great opportunity, as nearly all aspects are under your control in one way or another. You can learn from this, to do better, how to get it right next time. Not just Edison’s 99 tries with the light bulb, but many of our role models have faced disaster and made it work for them.   Sometimes it takes a disaster big enough to make you realize that this is not the right choice for for you.

These are all coaching techniques and WATC has a number of business coaches and life coaches who can partner you to work through this.

Now look back at the past year. Incidentally you can do this exercise any time, end of the week, end of the month, end of the year.

What was you best moment last year? The 3 aspects which made it such a success. Recognize these as your strengths and maximize them. The most surprising event last year. Surprised in a good way. Quite possibly people, family and friends, value them.   Or an act of serendipity which surprised you, came out of nowhere.

If you look at your past trajectory, you may be surprised that some of the best things to have happened to you, some of the best people, new friends you’ve met came about in a moment of serendipity. Always be alert to the opportunity.   This always features in the Advice to new entrepreneurs in our interviews.   As Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of the city said.

“Get lucky and say yes”

Finally, yet the most important. The Learning.   A memorable event will be one in which you learnt something new. A technique, a new belief, and understanding that you have more skills and abilities than you had realized. Value your contacts, but above all value yourself your many achievement. Belief in your self is attractive and contagious. Very good for business, for friendships, for life.   The reason why networking is so important.

Looking back on past e achievements may be the stimulus to contact someone again, or a belated thank you.

When you have both analyzed and planned through your disaster, you are ready to let go the pst.

It is really good if you do this exercise with a partner, or in group. People have been known to do it at a New Year’s Eve party.

So go well in the world. You are more amazing than you think.   Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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