Ri-ri for River Island: how much does Rihanna’s capsule collection reflect her personal style? (what, no brolly?)

The high street capsule she unveiled during London Fashion Week
last month is billed as a range of pieces that Ri-Ri herself would
wear, from casual jersey basics to denim cut-offs, slit skirts and
a cutaway monokini. So far, so sassy.

Nothing here jars with her public image: we’ve all seen her
cavorting on holiday or raving it up in something similar. We’ve
clocked her larging it on the shoulders of a bald man doing
goodness knows what on his glabrous pate while dressed in a shorts
and a slogan T-shirt.

But she seems to have grown up a bit of late, in Azzedine Alaia
gowns and tumbling curls. Just as her streetwear range launches,
has Ri-Ri has shifted from pavement style to penthouse chic?

Monochrome prison stripes

The only way to wear stripes this spring. It’s almost as if
someone in marketing told Rihanna that this is exactly what people
will want to buy.

Sporty, sexy, cool

A combination that manages to be both ladylike and a bit trashy
at the same time, thanks to cut and colour. Most importantly, it’s

Glamorous grunge

This looks like something Ri-Ri would have worn at the beginning
of her career, before she got all posh. A bit 1990s and a bit
stompy – a hit.

The thigh’s the limit

This should look cheap, but somehow it doesn’t. Top marks here,
Rihanna, for fashionable restraint: flesh on show OR fluorescents.
But never both.

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