Rising Star alumni goes big with Career Ear app

Rising Star alumni, Claudine Adeyemi, founder and CEO of Career Ear has announced a new partnership with O2’s Go Think Big.

The partnership will drive forward a shared vision of widening access to opportunities and careers advice to young people throughout the UK.

They will share more opportunities to engage with young people; particularly those from less privileged backgrounds, and support them through into their careers so that they achieve their full career potential.

Through Career Ear young people are able to ask questions about their future careers and receive responses and advice from the professionals in those very careers, via the app, online, and at events. Professionals who have specifically downloaded the app to share their knowledge and experience.

Career Ear is not just a platform to gain a better understanding of a particular industry: it can be used as a domain to explore career options, learn about the skills and attributes needed to thrive across many job sectors and to acquire realistic expectations of the current job market.

Through this partnership users of Career Ear will find that Go Think Big opportunities will be more accessible to them, this includes everything from internship opportunities to attending career events. Go Think Big users will learn more about how Career Ear can help support them into their future careers by being a platform that they can use, at any time, to ask any career-related question that they have. In particular, as a tool to continue their journey exploring career options after experiencing a Go Think Big opportunity.

Claudine Adeyemi, Founder and CEO of Career Ear said: “I am excited to be partnering with O2’s Go Think Big on Career Ear because I know that this partnership will enable us to maximise the impact that we have on young people who need our help throughout the country.”

“Transitioning from studying to working can be extremely daunting, especially when you don’t have a network around you to properly prepare you.”

“I want to ensure that this does not stop our young people from thriving and I’m delighted that Go Think Big shares my vision.”

Adeyemi was recognised as a Rising Star in Law in the WeAreTheCity Rising Star Awards 2016 and later launched launched a mobile app to support young people on their career paths.

Kerry North, Acting Head of Partnerships and Social Impact, O2 said, “We’re so pleased to see Career Ear, one of the social innovation ideas funded to get started through O2’s Go Think Big programme, going from strength to strength, and proud to have the opportunity to work with Career Ear to further young people’s access to the advice and answers they need to their career questions.”

“We know transitioning to work is a difficult process for young people and many don’t have the support they need to guide them through that time.”

“Offering them direct access to industry professionals opens up those coveted and much needed connections to a wider audience.”

“Career Ear offers a chance to level the playing field for young people trying to work out their future.”

“We’ve been supporting young people through their career journey for many years and we’re delighted to continue doing so by partnering with Career Ear through O2’s Go Think Big programme.”

From today, young people aged between 16 and 24 can get career advice through this new partnership by downloading and signing up to Career Ear.  It is available, for free, from the Play store and App store.  They can also follow Go Think Big on all social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, to watch out for the fantastic collaborative initiatives and events coming their way as a result of this partnership.

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