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Images from the We Are The City Rising Stars Nominations 06June2018

WeAreTheCity hosted a breakfast celebration for over 200 women who were shortlisted for the 2018 Rising Star Awards.

Hosted by NewsUK and facilitated by Founder and Director of Streets Consulting, the event brought together those shortlisted across 22 categories, judges, previous winners and speakers including Managing Director of Times Newspaper Ltd, Chris Duncan; Co-Owner and Founder of Scentered, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Lara Morgan; and Head of Business Inclusion Initiatives for Commercial and Private Banking, RBS, Chair of CMI Women, Heather Melville OBE CCMI.

In her opening welcome, Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director of WeAreTheCity, encouraged those shortlisted to be proud and to showcase their achievements. She said, “Go out on Twitter.”

“Go out to your networks.”

“Do not be humble.”

 “You are all exceptional.”

 “Be proud.”

Taking the stage, Morgan read a poem and inspired guests, encouraging them to continue to advance and progress. She said, “If you don’t succeed first time around – try, try, try again and you will succeed.”

Images from the We Are The City Rising Stars Nominations 06June2018

A panellist of last year’s winners, including Sally Penni, Tanya Compas, Katie McEwan, Katie Kelleher and Carla Mazzaccherini, were interviewed by Julia Streets and they spoke of winning the award, career advice and what had happened since.

McEwan said, “Particularly as women, we’re always waiting for others to tell you that you’re great.”

“This nomination is someone telling you that you’re great.”

“I’ve always thought I was quite a confident person, but the self-belief that this award has given me, and it has validated that year, I am really good at what I do.”

Mazzaccherini added, “I very much underestimated the effect that these awards would have on my career, even when just shortlisted.”

“Don’t let your inner voice derail you from what your dreams and ambitions may be.”

Adding her thoughts on what the awards had done for her, Kelleher said, “This award has made people more aware of what I do, there aren’t many women who operate cranes!”

“The award has opened doors for me, I guess I’ve become a spokeswoman for my company.”

Inspired by the speakers and the atmosphere of the morning, the audience were encouraged to network and make new connections.

Images from the We Are The City Rising Stars Nominations 06June2018

Now in its fourth year, the Rising Star Awards are the first to focus on the UK’s female talent pipeline below management level. Through these awards, WeAreTheCity will celebrate 100 individual female contributors that represent the leaders and role models of tomorrow. The Rising Star Champions category also recognises the efforts of senior leaders, male and female, who are actively supporting the female pipeline outside of their corporate responsibilities.

The Rising Star Awards also celebrate a Company of the Year, which recognises the achievements of a company who can clearly demonstrate that they are actively supporting and developing their female talent pipeline through their initiatives, training, development programmes and/or internal employee relations groups.

For more information about the Rising Star Awards and to cast your vote, click here.

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