Rock Chic Nails – 74 Mortimer Street W1W 7RZ ,London

rock chic nail logoRock Chic Nails is a nail bar in central London, situated less than 5 minutes from Oxford Circus tube station.

Established in 2010, Rock Chic Nails boasts the best products and treatments, including BioSculpture, OPI and Star Nails, which are also available for retail at great prices.

rock chic nail imageAt Rock Chic Nails you can enjoy a relaxing manicure or pedicure, beautify your nails with long lasting polish in a wide selection of colours or even get ready for that special occasion with a variety of extensions and nail arts.

  • SHAPE&PAINT (10MIN) this is a10 min treatment , where the nails are filed to the clients ned ,a base coat then applied ,with polish to finish.
  • LITTLE STAR MANICURE (15MIN) this is a 15 min express manicure ,where the cuticles are pushed back -not nipped- followed by hand massage and polish.
  • SUPERSTAR MANICURE (30MIN) this is a 30 min full manicure ,where cuticles are pushed and nipped followed by a lovely hand Massage
  • DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER MANICURE (45MIN) is a 3 week lasting manicure , it is 45 min from start to finish , 3 layers of gel are applied on the nail. The gel is porous -allowing the nail to breath and sustaining excellent nail health .the gel can be applied clear or in a range of colours.
  • GEL EXTENSIONS (60MIN) The nail plate are cleaned and nail tips are applied to provide the extensions . the star nail is then applied to the nails and the sculptured to the clients requerment . gel provides a natural looking finish
  • ACRYLIC EXTENSIONS (60MIN)  The nail plaits are cleaned and nail tip is applied to the nail then followed by a powder acrylic that will then be sculptured to the clients ned ! acrylic is a harder finish then any other treatments we do
  • rock chic nails imageINFILLS (60MIN) of gel ore acrylic , the nail plate is filled down to fill in the gap that has grown in 3 weeks ,then a gel -acrylic fill in the gap to make the nail looking natural.
  • SOAK OFF (15-30 MIN) its removal of gel-acrylic , removed with acetone ,bio sculpture is removed by rapping the nail in acetone and foil.
  • SINGLE NAIL repair (10MIN) any broken nail , chipped , ect . ned fixing with gel – Acrylic
  • CUT DOWN (10MIN) filling down nails -gel – acrylic
  • FRENCH (10MIN+) french polish is a white and pink or cream and pink polish that can be applied on any nail treatment
  • Nail design (15min) nail design is art on the nails with all sorts of coulors and glitz
  • TRENDY WRAP (30 min ) this is a type of film that is stuck on the nail plate with glue and hot air it last for up to 1 week it comes in lots of patterns and colours , no damage to nails and great for a party !

All treatments and removals are done manually, NO DRILLS, so your nails will remain naturally healthy.

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