Royal Mail workers to help find missing children and adults

postman-missing-peopleRoyal Mail workers  join forces with the charity Missing People, by sending alerts and information to its 124,000 postal workers, to help find missing children and adults.

Descriptions and photographs of missing children and adults will go to hand-held scanners which are usually used to track and sign for deliveries.

Alerts will be sent on a locational basis to the post men and women whilst on their rounds.

Royal Mail said the move would double the number of people who were receiving alerts and looking for missing people.

The initiative will begin on 1 December and marks the first time an organisation has made its business-wide communication channels available to the national charity.

The child rescue and high risk missing people alerts will also be placed on the Royal Mail’s employee website and on 1,800 television screens in its offices, reaching an estimated 148,000 members of staff.

When someone goes missing and is at risk, every minute after a disappearance is crucial to bringing them home safely.  Our partnership with Royal Mail is a truly inspired way to spread an alert quickly and to the very people who are the eyes and ears of their local communities. – Jo Youle, chief executive officer of Missing People

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