Run the British 10k London Run in aid of Wellbeing of Women

British 10k London Run


The Vitality British 10K London Run is staged on the world’s greatest route through the heart of central London, passing many of the capital’s truly world class historic and iconic landmarks.

A delightfully British 10k, the race starts on Piccadilly outside The Guards & Calvary Club, runners head towards Piccadilly Circus and pick up the pace on the fully closed roads, past eros, Trafalgar Square and much more. It’s the perfect summer 10k and this year is set to be spectacular so don’t miss out and join us now!

Entry is free but runners are asked to raise a minimum of £200 in return for a place.

Email [email protected] by 10pm on 1st July for an application form

About Wellbeing of Women

Wellbeing of Women’s vision is a world where women are free from the pain, distress and heartache caused by women’s reproductive health issues.

These issues, such as endometriosis, preterm birth, incontinence and menopause are still, sadly, very much taboo. Although women account for 51% of the population, diagnosis, treatment and support for these issues are not as developed as they should be and knowledge about the conditions is very limited due to the lack of funding for this area of medical research. Despite this, almost all women will, in some way or another, encounter a reproductive or gynaecological health issue during the course of their lifetime.

By investing in medical research, we are working to find the answers to the biggest questions in women’s reproductive health to improve treatment, advance knowledge and better support women – and their families – at each stage of life.

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