Saatchi Gallery hosts its first all-female art exhibition

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The Saatchi Gallery is preparing to celebrate its 30th birthday with its first all-female exhibition entitled Champagne Life.

The exhibition opens on today (13th January) and will feature 14 up-and-coming, contemporary artists from all walks of life and various backgrounds. The aim of the installation aims to address the glass ceiling for female artists. Those featured include Alice Anderson, a British artist who is known for her use of copper thread; Mequitta Ahuja, who has previously exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Washington; and Maha Malluh, a Saudi Arabian who uses her art to showcase the impact of Westernization on her home country.

The title of the installation comes from one a piece within the collection by American artist Julia Wachtel. Watchel has been on the art scene since the 80s and is heavily influenced by the pop art movement.

Saatchi’s chief executive, Nigel Hurst said, “We’ve always supported the work of women artists over the years, many of those have gone on to have key roles in the contemporary art world, but I think there’s still a huge amount of work to be done.”

“Though women artists are far better represented in contemporary art now, in terms of the number of women artists that are having their work exhibited and shown, there remains a glass ceiling that needs to be addressed.”

The Saatchi Gallery was created by Charles Saatchi as a way of him exhibiting his private collection to the public. The gallery has been known to raise the platform of contemporary British artists such as Tracey Emin, Jenny Saville and Damien Hurst.

The exhibit is free to attend and will be at the gallery until 6th March. You can find out more about the installation here and keep up to date with all of the gallery’s news via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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