Sadiq Khan vows to tackle low pay and improve working conditions

Sadiq Khan

London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has vowed to tackle low pay and improve working conditions in the city.

Khan also wants to boost diversity across employers of all sizes and sectors in the capital.

Khan believes that getting to grips with inequalities and unfairness in the workplace is crucial to ensuring that London’s economy remains robust and sustainable and that it becomes a fairer place to both live and work.

Launching a call for evidence on his new ‘Good Work Standard’, Khan has also promised to “roll up his sleeves” and engage directly with employers, encouraging them to sign up to the standard to promote economic fairness and best practice in employment.

The Mayor is now asking businesses and other employers to advise him on what they think should be included in and promoted through the Standard.

Essential requirements are likely to include London Living Wage accreditation, and compliance of a set of basic standards to ensure workers are treated fairly. Employers will also be asked to work towards higher standards and best practice in areas such as flexible working, workplace diversity, ongoing skills development and employee voice.

Speaking about the Standard, Khan said, “I promised to be the most pro-business Mayor London has ever seen and I firmly believe that a strong economy and a fairer city should go hand in hand.”

“London is the best city in the world in which to do business – I want it to be the best city in the world in which to work as well.”

“My team and I regularly have the privilege of meeting with business leaders from across all sectors, and I know that many of them share in this ambition.”

“I am looking forward to meeting even more over the coming weeks and months as I roll up my sleeves to tackle low pay and workplace inequality, and ensure that employers are supported to share and adopt best practice in employment standards.”

“We have one of the most dynamic and prosperous economies in the world – but I am determined to personally use this opportunity to strike up a serious conversation about the future of employment and how we can ensure prosperity is shared so all Londoners can benefit from the city’s success.”

Matthew Bolton, London Citizens said, “This is a great move by the mayor and we welcome his leadership and promotion of responsible business practice across our city.”

“Last year the mayor addressed 6,000 members of London Citizens and pledged to encourage businesses to accredit as London Living Wage Employers; ensuring that their lowest paid workers could earn at least enough to live on.”

“We anticipate that the mayor’s Good Work Standard will make a big impact and that many more Londoners will feel the positive effects of a better wage.”

Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CEO, Virgin Money and a member of the mayor’s Business Advisory Board, added, “I am passionate about the potential of business as a force for good and welcome the mayor’s Good Work Standard initiative.”

“We cannot and must not build the success of a few by exploiting the many.”

“Business leaders have a responsibility to society and good business creates a virtuous circle for everyone.”

“Strong business ethics, improved diversity and paying the living wage are just some of the ways in which we can restore trust in business, drive the economy and bring growing prosperity to everyone.”

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