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Business-woman-TravelingThere are some wonderful, beautiful, peaceful and exciting places to visit in the world. I could go on forever using adjectives to describe the sights we see.

I once received an e-mail with some pictures on, which said, “If this is earth I wonder what heaven is like.” I stared in wonder at the pictures, pictures which words could not begin to describe. This e-mail made me think about the awesomeness and magnitude of the earth.

Nevertheless when travelling alone some countries are more dangerous than others. Therefore it is essential to research your desired route and destination before going anywhere. There is a reason I am writing this blog on safety when travelling. On the 28 November I am leaving for a trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia Hong Kong and Dubai.

The countries I have travelled to so far on my own are India, China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy and Holland. I have also travelled by myself right across America from New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco and back again. This trip took me through 23 states in the US. Travelling alone means applying the same skills we use to stay safe every day.

One of the things I like when going places alone is that I don’t have to be concerned about or responsible for a travelling companion. I can do and go where I want and when I want. Also when travelling alone people are a lot more likely to engage in conversation. This often provides an opportunity to get to know people one would not otherwise meet and also to gain more information about the area one is staying in or passing through. This probably wouldn’t happen if one was in a group or even with just one other person.

Make sure you stay in safe areas when out and about; avoid back streets and badly lit areas. Keep your eyes open; make sure you keep your handbag close to you and well fastened. For men do not put your wallet in your back pocket. Do not put your mobile phone or anything valuable (cash, passport etc.) in the side pocket of a backpack. In some countries, especially in cities, be aware of opportunists.

Don’t fall for the con artists. When I crossed America I fell for a con job trying to help someone and lost quite a lot of money. If someone comes up to you with a statement along the lines of: “I am waiting to receive some money and in the meantime I am quite destitute – could you help me until all this money arrives?” just smile, say sorry, walk away and don’t look back.

If you are on the beach and you go into a cove or anywhere you are surrounded by cliff sides, look around and make sure you will not be trapped if the tide comes in. Every year people drown as they get trapped in these areas.

Take responsibility for yourself. Never accept any packages from anyone for any reason whatsoever. Do not agree to take any package on an aeroplane or anywhere else for that matter. There are a lot of people spending a long time in foreign jails for doing just this.

Crime can happen anywhere but don’t let this restrict your life. If we lived our lives always worrying about what could go wrong we would be frightened to do anything. Nevertheless, it is foolhardy to go somewhere if you’re told it is especially dangerous. If possible, avoid going on any trips you feel unsure about. But otherwise there’s no reason to avoid enjoying new cultures and experiences.

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