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ladiosa necklaceDear Santa – We have been awfully good girls! Honest!

Hathor Multi-stone necklace – £500

LA DIOSA has been inspired by the organic and irregular shapes of geodes mixed with warm gold tones for the Hathor Collection. Each striking geode descends from Brazil and were handpicked to create this beautiful piece. The Hathor Geode necklace is stunning and elegant, fit for the modern day Goddess.

The necklace is adjustable. At its longest it hangs 10″ and comes with 1.5″ Giode stones.. Lovely!


If you are looking for a gift that is glamorous and ethical, why not take a look at these?


Ladiosa NMCF bracelet NMCF BRACELET: PROTECTION £29.00

Exclusive friendship bracelet for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK, helping support the building of a dedicated children’s hospital in South Africa. A percentage of all profits will go towards the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

Blue is associated with depth and stability. Wear together with warm colours like yellow or red to create a high-impact and vibrant look.




Nelson Mandela Childrens fund

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