Saturday – It’s all about Charity

Straight back from Ascot to Essex as we were due to attend a family day in our pearly suits for a 13 year old girl who died last year.  I was completely on track until I took the wrong turning on the M25 and lost an hour and a half going up and down the same stretch of the motorway.  The ironic thing is that I have done this journey about 100 times.  That said I was on the phone catching up on my phone calls so I know what happened, I just became lost in a gossip moment and missed my turn off.  I have to literally a run through the door and get straight in to my buttons.

No big heels today as we are on grass and I could do without being extracted from a foot of grass.  We stop to pick up Ella from stage school on the way and we all head off to the fete.  Ella is used to getting ready in the boot of a car as the world of Pearly gigs isn’t always that glam.  It beats a public toilet so she is happy.  The event is situated on a large playing field.  It is only early but there are already around 1500 people present.

The big stage is displaying the best of Essex talent, Dancers, Singers, TOWIE stars, all of which have come out to support the Karis May Darling Foundation.  Our job is to meet and greet the public and show our support to Karis.  I still feel ill but we manage to stay around 4 hours, entertaining passers by and telling the stories of the Pearly Kings and Queens.

The organisers thank us and we are on our way.  I was supposed to go over to Bromley this evening to get my eye lashes done and then out with a friend locally, but I am so exhausted all I want to do is go home and spend some us time indoors.   By 9.30 we are all in bed snoring, it’s been a bit of a week in our household and I don’t think any of us are in the mood to stay up late, let alone party..

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