Get Involved: Save5 | T. Life In A Day

Save5-1In January 2010 T. Sandeman-Charles was diagnosed with two progressive, terminal lung diseases. T needs a lung transplant in order to survive. She has never smoked.

This film is called “T – Life In A Day”. By a cruel twist of fate it could so easily be you or your child in T’s position. And if it was – would you expect an organ to be available to save your own life or your child’s life?

If what you have seen has moved you and you would never want this existence for you or a member of your family please send this video on to 5 people who you respect.

Finally please help T. make the difference for others between ‘living life’ and ‘living life on the List’.  And the only way that is going to happen is by having even more people register as donors.

If you have registered – thank you.  If you haven’t please register as an organ donor.  You could Save5 lives.

Thank you
T. Sandeman-Charles

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