Saving on Your Once Upon a Time

It is a day that you think about your whole life. You spend your whole life looking for your Prince Charming and then you find him and are ready to head down the aisle.

Now all that you have to do is plan your dream wedding. Unfortunately, times are not as they used to be and it can be a struggle to pull your dream wedding together. If you are paying for your wedding yourself or just looking for a few ways to cut costs, there are lots of ways for you to save and still have your dream day.



The place that you have your ceremony and reception at is not only the biggest part of your wedding, it is also the part that eats up the most cost. One major way to slash your venue price is to have all the events in one space. The reason for this is because you are only paying one fee. Usually when you rent out a reception place it’s for an hourly rate, not for a ceremony and reception. So why pay for two different places? Another way is to make sure that you use their selected vendors. A lot of time a reception hall will have a relationship with certain companies and offer you a discount for using them.


To the Bride, the dress is probably one of the most important expenses. Even if your wedding budget is less than you would have hoped, it does not mean that you have to give up your dream dress. Many people stay away from bridal salons and opt for chain retailers because they think they are cheaper. It really just depends on the salon. For a girl on a budget, look for a salon that is family run. They will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goal especially if it means money for them. Be honest about your budget and they can keep you on track. Nothing worse than falling in love with something you can’t afford. Why even torture yourself by looking? Trunk sales are a great time to score discounts. Also ask stores if they offer lower rates if you promise your entire bridal party as a sale. Love the dress but don’t have all the money now? Ask about a layaway policy. One final trick: pay with cash or on that day. Many times they work on commission and say anything to make a sale. Sometimes paying with cash will knock off a percentage.


Pictures are important at any event, but at your wedding they are essential. Before you think about skimping on the pictures look into different options. One great one is to find discounts by booking the same photographer for the engagement, bridal, and wedding sessions. Know a friend who is great in photography? Why not use their talent? You can also find freelance photographers looking for work at a college campus. If you want lots of pictures but do not have enough money for multiple photographers, have one who is taking your professional pictures and have them place disposable cameras on tables for your guests to help you capture the memories.


One final area to save money is on flowers. Flowers can set the mood for your wedding and add visual elements. One of the best ways to save on flowers is to buy locally and in season. If you love one certain flower and can’t live without it, then plan to get married during that time of the year. Another way to save on flowers is to buy in bulk and make the arrangements yourself. This is great because you do not have to pay for the manual labor. Many places will also slash prices if there is one big order. Not crafty? Try finding a florist that operates their own business and ask them about their specials. You can also use your arrangements from your ceremony in your reception.

by June Owensboro

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