Say ‘bye’ to binging this Christmas

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Are you dreading the festive season this year? Not because of all that extra cash you’ll be forced to find for pressies, nights outs etc but because, well your willpower always gets a bit wobbly this time of year?

It’s easy to stay away from the cup cakes, chocolate, piles of pasta and fizzy drinks during the summer when we know we’ll be wearing tight tee-shirts and heading for the beach later in the month. Not so much come winter though when we’re hugging ourselves in big woolly jumpers and don’t even have to shave our legs for weeks on end because – unless we have a partner – whose going to see them under our thick tights anyway?

Worse still, we’re forever tempted by sweet foods, calorie-laden nibbles and topped up glasses of fizz. So how do we manage remain calm without seeming too much like a party-pooper or feeling we’re missing out on all the fun? Well, here’s a little checklist for you to peruse:

Don’t you dare say “Fxxx it ’til” January

You know we’ve all done it; I’m sure (me included). Its waaaay too easy to let the healthy eating routine relax in the run up to Christmas and on the big day itself by convincing yourself you’ll “fix it” come January. Well, guess what – it’s going to be twice as hard to find yourself eating well again in the New Year. Why? Because, a few weeks of binging on white carbs, sugar and booze, will mean your body’s used to it and will take umbridge at having to cut it out again. Believe me ladies, it’s not going to be nice. Better to get a grip now and keep on top of what’s going in your mouth at all times.

Make mornings healthy

Breakfast really is the holy grail of healthy eating. That’s because what you eat in the morning can set you up for the rest of the day energy-wise. Indulge in a big, heavy breakfast and you’re going to feel sluggish. Sip a Smoothie or try a yummy plate of nourishing fried tofu and sweet potatoes and feel bouncy ‘til lunchtime.

Make love to your food

Experience a similar orgasmic high with all those glorious tastes, textures and sensations in food. Quite simply food and its numerous glories is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you’re a food lover then chances are you’re also a big fan of sex. It’s all about slow consumption, savouring and getting the most from each and every morsel. So don’t ‘inhale’ your food; there’s no race. Simple consume it slowly and make sure you miss out on none of the pleasure.

Believe in your body at all times

Despite a few periods of stress and perhaps even the odd physical injury, your body has managed to get you through yet another year. It clearly knows what its doing and now is NOT the time of year to abandon it. So, when it tells you that you really don’t need that extra slice of Xmas pudding because your stomach is already at bursting point, believe it. Also, don’t disparage your body by saying you have ‘a big stomach,’ ‘tree trunk legs’ etc. Instead, be thankful for what it does for you. Give it what it wants – that’ll be nourishing food, gentle stretching, exercise, massage, fresh air and sunshine (fingers crossed for the latter).

Have a holiday that is GUILT FREE

Whatever happens this festive season, make sure you have a guilt-free time when it comes to food. Choose to do so. Even if you do step away from your healthy eating plan and do a bit of over-indulging, try not to berate yourself and beat yourself up. The festive season is all about love for all living beings – and you can include yourself in that too.

If you’ve gotten to the end of this post you’ll no doubt realise I’m a big fan of healthy eating. I’m not however, ‘anti-fun’ in that it’s all too easy to become obsessed with eating only ‘clean’ food. Christmas with family and friends is supposed to be a joyous occasion so try and be present – not planning how you’re going to ‘work off’ that glass of champagne you’ve just downed or hating yourself for eating something not on your Healthy Foods list. In other words, don’t fret, have fun and enjoy!!

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Dominica Roszko is a nutrition and well-being specialist, and the founder of – a site dedicated to healthy living.

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