Scribing, sketchnoting, life-sketching: creative techniques to get heard | 2013 Women’s Forum


As creativity takes central stage at the Women’s Forum, young and talented graphic designers use visual thinking techniques, live, to facilitate the understanding of complex matters.

Scribing, life-sketching, sketchnoting… different styles and formats helping to visually document concepts, in a graphic format. Watch Lorraine Pastré, Geoffrey Dorne, Guillaume Lagane and Hélène Pouille summarising some of the content discussed at the Women’s Forum (not that it would not be understood otherwise!)




About the author

Myriam is the features editor for our Inspirational Women in business. She is committed to raising the voice of women in media and has met some of the most prolific women (and, dare we say it, is as inspirational as those she interviews!). Myriam has been working in the industry for over ten years, with CNN and CNBC Europe. She is also the founder of Smart Content, a boutique consultancy helping brands to express their authentic personality and engage with their consumer groups, through compelling content.

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