Why is self-confidence attractive?

Women_happyAttractiveness is more than just a pretty face. Yet, we usually give our physical appearance most gravity when deciding whether or not we are attractive.

Women tend to keep a close eye on their weight; they spend on average £36,000 on hair care over their lifetime. Men think about their stature, physique and hairline. We all have a tendency to focus on our appearance without realising that the pivotal factor in attractiveness is something entirely different: self-confidence.

If you are bright and vibrant, people will want to be around you. It’s that natural spotlight.

When someone is confident within themselves, they transform the energy in the room. We are drawn to them; we want to be their friend, to talk to them; and to date them. In the world of dating, confidence is essential. Someone who doubts their own appearance and ability sends signals of insecurity that warn potential partners away. Self-assured individuals are looking for people who are as happy and healthy as they are. Confidence lures people in and reflects one’s essence. If you are dreary and dull, people will want to avoid you. If you are bright and vibrant, people will want to be around you. It’s that natural spotlight.

The question remains, what is it exactly that makes a self-confident person attractive?

Academics confirm that a self-confident person has a real sense of who they are. They will come into a relationship ‘whole’, not in need of constant affirmations. Those who lack confidence depend excessively on the approval of others to feel good about themselves; this can be draining and unappealing. Confidence is essentially what makes a person more balanced and therefore, in a better position to manage the challenges and negotiations that a relationship brings. A self-confident person is aware of their imperfections, is comfortable with them and does not let them get in their way. Even the most confident people have bad days, but their positive attitude, persistence and ambition are fundamental in giving off that air of assurance that most people find attractive.

There is, however, a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Overconfidence is a definite turnoff. The quietly confident, self-assured person who is not afraid to show their vulnerability usually wins over the brash self-assurance of the overconfident.

Whether you are looking for that perfect partner or are already in a loving relationship, one must not underestimate the role of self-confidence. Finding or maintaining love always begins with the self-belief that you are worthy of love. Indeed there is much truth behind the old cliché, “before someone can love you, you have to love yourself!”

Author Bio:

Susie Ambrose is the founder and CEO of the first luxury matchmaking agency in England. Incorporated in 2004, Seventy Thirty the ultimate matchmaking service, is today the leading globall company, with a wealth of experience in matching thousands of members with partners from their international membership comprising of men and women of affluence and influence.

Susie Ambrose is a woman with immense creative flair, who has turned a great idea and vision into reality! She has been able to use her creativity to ensure that the concept of Seventy Thirty differentiated the organisation from every other service in the luxury market. Seventy Thirty has now become a growing success story and the leading elite international matchmaking agency; many people who come across us can’t help but mention how ‘blown away’ they are with the business model. However, it is Susie’s determination in the face of adversity and her ambitious, creative and flexible thinking that have allowed Seventy Thirty to progress where others would have fell down flat.


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