28/09/18: Self Made presents Maximum Achievement 2.0 by Brian Tracy | London

Self Made Conference

On Friday 28th September finalist of the Apprentice, entrepreneur and author Bianca Miller Cole and her serial entrepreneur husband Byron Cole are holding a Maximum Achievement Conference in London with Legendary speaker Brian Tracy and other special expert guests.

The event has been created as the first in an annual conference for personal development and has been CPD accredited!

The first superstar speaker to kick start the series will be No 1 International Professional Business Speaker, Best Selling Author (of over 70 books) and Success Expert Mr Brian Tracy. Brian’s goal is to help individuals to achieve their personal and business goals faster and easier than ever imagined. He will focus on discovering potential, goal setting, money orientation, time management, success strategy and future planning. This is Brian’s final speaking engagement in the UK and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see him live.

We will also be joined by award winning author Vishal Morjaria, who will talk about how to ‘Master Your WOW’. Mirela Walsh, CEO of ‘Global Woman Magazine’ will deliver a short keynote speech on ‘Success with a Purpose’; helping you to consider dreams unfulfilled and living a life with purpose.

The day will also feature 2 short panel insight sessions on the topics of maximum achievement and the future of business.

Maximum Achievement & Success Panel 

What does success truly mean? Success is defined by the dictionary as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, but as we seek out our goals and look at what success means to us lets dig deeper and think about the greater need for success in your life – in all areas.

In this panel we will unearth the secrets for maximising achievement and success in every area of your life. This all female panel of industry experts will explore the importance of financial planning, education, entrepreneurship, the impact of parental fulfilment on a growing family and investment. The panellists include:

  • Dayna Byfield – Financial Wellness Educator sharing her tips on how to get your money working for you as hard as you work for it
  • Elaine Cunningham Walker  – Education Consultant and mother of children from Channel 4 ‘Child Genius’ sharing her strategies on how to contribute to the academic success of your children
  • Phebi King : Personal Development Coach and Founder of ‘Bosses ‘n’ Mums’ coaches mums and mumpreneurs to fulfil their personal and parental goals
  • Maxine Wynter – Entrepreneur & Property Expert helping you get on the investment property ladder

Future of Business Panel

The world of business is changing and is opening up the opportunity for people who are willing to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and adapt to the change. The impact of technology has resulted in many changes occurring, for some technology and social media has opened up a world of opportunity and allowed them to create an active audience and client base. For others it has meant a change from formal permanent employment into a world of the gig economy. For others it has resulted in the acceptance of the importance of better gender parity and diversity of every kind, this has helped change the world of business and is helping to level the playing field. Or has it? The panel includes:

  • Jenk Oz  “ The UK’s Youngest CEO” sharing his perspective on youth entrepreneurship and why you are never to young (or old) to be entrepreneurial
  • Mark McLane – Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion for Barclays PLC speaking about the importance of diversity and inclusion to leverage organisational success. Recognized by The Guardian’s global LGBT power list, the Financial Times 100 LGBT business leaders in London and named as the top 50 global Diversity Executives by the Economist.
  • Oliver Oguz – Founder of Trademark Wizards speaking about the importance of brand protection as a strategy for success and to anticipate changes to futureproof your brand.

If you are interested in any of the following topics, this is the event for you;

1) Personal Development: Looking at how to create/achieve goals and be the best version of oneself.
2) Time Management: Concentrating on how to double productivity
3) Leadership: Learn how to inspire, motivate and bring out the best in your team
4) Business Training: Learn how grow my business, manage key stakeholders and maximise profits
5) Sales Training: Increase sales and make more money
6) Personal Impact: Improve confidence and personal brand
7) Personal Authority : Hone my public speaking skills and tell my story
8) Financial Planning: Plan for a fruitful financial future

9) Future of Business : Looking at how innovation and technology will help change the face of business.

Date and Time

Fri 28 September 2018

09:00 – 18:30 BST


Royal National Hotel

38-51 Bedford Way



More information can be found on www.selfmadebook.uk/brian-tracy

Corporate Ticket Discount : Buy 10 get 2 Free – email [email protected]

Individual tickets : 20% discount Code : WATC20 via https://briantracylondon2018.eventbrite.co.uk/

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