Sending emails? Easy. Ignoring them? Very easy | Four tips to ensure your emails have impact

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How often do you receive an email which you don’t read? You mean to. It’s just that you have meetings scheduled and then a business lunch .. you will get around to it. 

And you might. When you do though, you look at the plethora of words and decide to  click the X button.

I’ve been chatting to my networker Helen Cox, top marketing guru, and we’ve come up with some ideas which will make Inboxes your friend so that when they see your name, people will click.

I’ve proved this with the jokes I receive. I only email ones to my group at which I laugh out loud. The result is that when I send (and not too often) they are opened. And some of my recipients are very busy people.

So how do you ensure your emails are read?
First tip: succinctness is key

Helen says: “Compose emails by thinking of them as a short presentation at which you only have 30 seconds to get your point across.”  She adds: “To get them hooked on your email, a simple solution might be using a personalisation software which will add in their name. Depending on what email provider you use, you could add their name into the subject line too. This is a great way to get people’s attention.”

Second tip: Bullets are your friends

“Avoid fluff and filler text and make the one thing you want them to do the easiest thing for them to do.” says Helen.

Busy people need to grasp facts fast. I find that bullet points bring focus to your message. Just last week a business friend asked for advice about his email newsletter which I always skimmed through as it was long and over-written. I sent it back to him having rewritten the last newsletter using bullet points – clearly marking the plus points on his agenda, then the last – short – paragraph was more personal,  a cheery wish for a good weekend. The result was dramatic as he used this template for the next newsletter and received nearly 50 per cent more reaction.

Third tip: Humour

Helen  thinks adding a few light-hearted touches to show your personality will avoid the robotic feel some emails have.  I agree but a word of warning in that what seems funny when you type may not have the same meaning when being read.

Fourth tip: check for typos in your emails

Your eyes are rolling at this one – of course everyone checks for typos right? Wrong. And I am the worst offender.  I have quick fingers and before I know it the damn email has flashed away before I have checked. On one memorable occasion I sent the message to my daughter who was abroad typing “I wish you were here so I could kiss you” and it came out: “I wish you were here so I could kill you.”

Helen has a good tip for this: “Sometimes I copy and paste my copy and text from an email into word and let it work its spell check magic. Or you could use Grammarly – a great online tool.”

Use these tips and chances are you are going to have an email which is:

  • Succinct
  • has bullet points to make your points clearer
  • has been spell checked
  • so it will make an impact ..
  • … and evade the delete button.

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