Sexy in the City Bootcamps

Here at Sexy in the City Bootcamps we know strong is sexy! We believe that being fit, strong and healthy should be a vital aspect of all women’s lives. And we want to prove to you that lifting heavy objects, pushing big bases, and pulling your own bodyweight in ropes isn’t just for the men of this world.

Our Secret, Sexy, Strong method encompasses this and every aspect of female health, fitness and weight loss including exercises, diet and lifestyle factors. Women across the UK have found the secret to dramatic improvements in health and vitality along with sustained body tone. It is easier than you think, way more fun; you will love the results you see and especially the way that you feel.

By following their secrets, you too can find the methodology that really works for the long-term. Follow the principles, attending the indoor Bootcamps, or through the signature Six Weeks to Sexy Do It Yourself Programs. You too can get in on the community of women who have drastically changed their lives.

City locations include Liverpool St and St Paul’s/Bank

  • Secure payment via paypal, no contract tying you down
  • No gym membership required!
  • All classes are indoors, and have full shower and changing facilities

For further info

[email protected]

Contact Tim – 07823 697605

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